Duke Fur Drying Stretchers are preferred by skin dealers, trappers and hobbyists when drying fur skins to sell on the fur market. All stretchers are made of heavy duty galvanized spring wire with strong holding clips. Clean and well maintained Duke Fur Stretchers will provide the user with very uniformly sized skins and will provide years of service.

#1 Stretcher

Model: 0835
Length: 21”
Width: 7”
Target: Muskrat

#4 Stretcher

Model: 0838
Length: 41”
Width: 10”
Target: Raccoon

#5 Stretcher

Model: 0839
Length: 48”
Width: 10”
Target: Fox, Raccoon

#6 Stretcher

Model: 0840
Length: 59”
Width: 12”
Target: Bobcat, Coyote